An Introduction

Sometimes it's when I'm on a run, or sitting at my desk, or wandering in the park, or even when I'm in the middle of talking to a friend. It's a sudden moment of epiphany. A stark realization. A humbling lesson. A simple truth. This little thing- that no one would think twice about it "meaning something"- maneuvers its way, somehow, into revealing a life lesson. A little thing that teaches me something big. Quite simple significance, I like to say.

This unique interpretation of every-day-life-stuff being like big-important-significant-stuff happens in my mind quite often. So... I decided to start writing the simple significance down. Read it if you want. I hope you enjoy and learn and grow as I have while walking through this journey called life.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pick up that penny!

My mom has done this since I was little, and I do it now too. Whenever she sees a penny on the ground she picks it up. Engraved on the penny are the words "in God We Trust," and my mom stops for any penny she sees, no matter how rushed or crazy life is at that moment, and holds it as a reminder to do just that. To trust. To really live the words we proclaim on even the most insignificant of things like pennies.

I'm going to search for a penny.